Here at El Paso AbraKetosis Keto Kitchen, we know how hard cookin gin a keto diet can be. You don't know what to cook or where to start, Keto Recipes can be lenghty and tiresome. Your family doesn't want to eat your Keto mealsso you end you end up as a short order cook, you get stuck in the same meal routine and get burnt out & tired of the same ole. We know how you feel and that's why we're here!



Maybe you wanted to make a wish come true, or to put a positive health spell on someone?


“Ketosis” is the state your body is in when it is converting fat into energy. When a diet is referred to as “ketogenic,” it only uses a particular combination of foods that puts your body into ketosis using a process called ketogenesis.

We are the Keto Feeders


Robert & Liliana

My wife and I are the founders of AbraKetosis. We have put together an incredible resource for people working to improve their lives through a Ketogenic Diet.

Our mission is to make honest, delicious healthy food that will help you prevent, treat, and reverse many common chronic medical conditions. Our food will help you maintain good health without compromising on ingredients - or taste...

Our Keto


We want our people to have a good life, great opportunities, and enjoy every day.

smart food

We make healthy natural food that taste great, accessible to everyone.


We make balanced decisions to sustain long term profitability for the benefit of our people, our guests, El Paso Keto Community and our partners.

915 community

We want to make a positive impact, by supporting causes that help the El Paso communities where we live and work.

food first no exceptions

food ethos

We believe in serving fresh, high quality Keto ingredients that NOURISH and energize your body. WHAT WE EAT SHAPES OUR HEALTH, affects our appearance, and determines our disposition. BE HAPPY, EAT Keto. Our food is made from scratch and fresh-to-order. FROM OUR kitchen TO YOUR PLATE, AS FAST AS YOU CAN POINT. Our Smoothies, TEAS, Desserts are prepared in-house daily. Just like our taste buds, our RECIPES CHANGE WITH THE SEASONS. Not all FOOD is prepared equally!

The Abra difference is in the PREPARATION and TASTE: Flavorful VEGGIES, expertly-charred MEATS and CHICKEN, PERFECTLY-COOKED Cheddar Macaroni, Bone Broth, Smoked Brisket, and House made DRESSINGS that make you say, “WOW.” We believe in convenience and speed: GREAT FOOD, SERVED FAST or our READY MADE MEALS on the go, to keep up with your active lifestyle. Food made with PURPOSE. The meal you want, when you want it, with COUNTLESS COMBINATIONS.

food first no exceptions

Our Family

Abraketosis Keto Restaurant + Meal Prep began it’s journey in Central El Paso City in 2018. Today Abraketosis Health Restaurant is a multi-concept, multi-location, family owned hospitality buisness. We offer a range of concepts and service styles, from quick service, to full service, to “hybrid style” service. As a creative forward thinking hospitality Buisness, our purpose is to make unbelievable keto food accessible within our local communities, in a way that is convenient and affordable. Abraketosis Restaurant and Kitchen offers gluten free re-imagined healthy fast food concept locally in El Paso, Texas.

Our Journey

Small Food

We started with a small food truck that we built from scratch.

Rented a tiny kitchen

Then we rented a tiny kitchen inside a Valero’s that was under 450ft.


Drove out of town to purchase a 500 gallon smoker to expand our menu.


Moved into a 1,500 square foot store front Commerical Approved Kitchen.

added delivery

Continuing to grow and added delivery.

expanded to a food truck

Expanded to a food truck and commercial location