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Let's KETO Together and get everyone living happy, healthy, fat-fueled lives! Get lasting results and feel great with our personalized Weight Loss Program. Learn so much about what being healthy really means with El Paso Abraketosis fitness programs.
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Get custom keto meal plans designed just for You. Because one size does not fit all! Get the meal plan that fits your macros, food preferences, dietary restrictions, and your lifestyle!

Reach your Weight goals
Learn Your Macros
Get 14 Custom Meals
1 Smoothie or Bulletproof Coffee
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Average Weight Loss 2-9 pounds a week!
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Dr. Berg's Keto + Intermittent fasting Coach Certification
Focus on what you need: Weightloss, maintain or bulk
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Detox Plan to Kickstart Your Metabolism

2 detox drinks
1 meal per day
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Sugar Detox Meal Plan

2 meals
1 green detox drink per day
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Smoothie Diet Plan
for Weight Loss

1 breakfast smoothie
1 lunch smoothie
1 dinner smoothie per day
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Keto Meal Plan

Free evaluation
Custom meals
Smoothies of bulletproof coffee
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Macros Calculator
Keto Dictionary
WOE - way of eating
WI - weigh in
IF - intermittent fasting
OMAD - one meal a day
FF -fat flush
SF - sugar free
LC - low carb
HWC -heavy whipping cream
BPC - bulletproof coffee
AS -artificial sweetener
NSV - non scale victory
LCHF -low carb high fat
BMI - body mass index
BMR -basal metabolic rate
GI - glycemic index
GL -glycemic load
HIIT or HIT - High Intensity (interval) training
PCOS - polycystic ovarian syndrome
CAL - calories
Fat Bomb - all fat treat
Shark Week - ladies time of the month
Grass-fed - from cows that eat only grass instead of grains & corn
HF - hormone free
SA -sugar alcohol
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