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Our Abraketosis healthy keto diet is simply a diet, which causes your body to run on what are called ketones instead of refined sugar from carbohydrates like pasta, grains, junk food or sugary foods. Ketones are a type of acid formed when your body begins burning stored or dietary fat for fuel instead of carbs. They’re actually a very efficient fuel for your body. The most abundant, and beneficial, ketone is called beta-hydroxybutyrate or BHB.

How Keto Works

Decrease Carbohydrate Intake

The 1st step to Keto is to begin by reducing the consumption of carbohydrates to a daily intake of 15g - 30g or 5-10% of calories. The right amount of carbs you should consume depend on if you want to lose weigh, how active you are & your overall body weight.

Blood Glucose And Insulin Lowers

The 2nd step your body takes when in Ketosis is that the blood glucose and insulin lowers. This is due to the reduction of carbohydrates and sugars in your body. Sugar causes blood sugar spikes. Carbs turn into sugar. In the Keto Diet, it is recommended to lower sugar intake by eating unsweetened foods or by adding natural sugar substitutes such as erythritol or stevia.

The Body Starts Burning Fat As Fuel

When your body is low on sugar and carbohydrates that turn into sugar, the body is forced to go into a state called Ketosis. The state of Ketosis happens when the body begins to burn stored fat for energy. Thus, the Keto diet makes your body turn into a fat burning machine!

The Liver Breaks Down Fat to Ketones

After your body turns fat into fatty acids and glycerol, the liver converts these into Ketones and sugars. A ketone called Acetoacetate is produced and then converted into 2 types of ketone bodies: Beta-hydroxybutyrate and acetone.

The Body Uses Fat For Fuel

The body takes in the type of ketone called beta-hydroxybutyrate. In a few weeks you start feeling the benefits of using Ketones which is a better energy source for the brain and body. Thus, you feel incredible energy and losing weight at the same time!



Kicks Weight
Increase Energy
Reduce Hunger
Enhanced Athletic
Improved Mental
Clarity & Focus
The Basics of keto

Keto Staples

Keto staples are must have foods that are high-fat, low-carb and contains protein. Knowing the staples will help you understand what kind of food you should eat on the ketogenic diet. The Ketogenic diet is focused on foods that are low-carb and mainly high fat, these include avocado, chesses, creams, red meat, oils, poultry, fish & eggs.

Keto Staple Avocado
Keto Staple Salmon
Keto Staple Chicken
Keto Staple Cheese
Keto Staple Cream
Keto Staple Oil
Keto Staple Greens Salad
Keto Staple Steak
Red Meat
Keto Staple Eggs
Keto Made Simple

Dine in or Delivery

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Meal Preps for you

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Keto FAQ

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